The satisfaction of printing straight labels.

There was no time for messy play this session as we needed to focus on distributing artsdepot open letters and posters to the chosen addresses. This involved printing roughly 150 address labels. Getting them out within a week was really important for the exhibition as that would leave a month between gaining interest and the deadline for submission date.
Although this was the sessions focus, I found myself spending most my time on word.. Attempting to merge an excel document into word to form the labels for printing. I thought I was confident on computers, but this did leave me quite confused and initially frustrated. Once they began to print successfully though it was incredibly satisfying and felt like real achievement! It made me realise how basic the skills I am I wanting to learn from this placement are, general initial grounding towards an institution environment.
The afternoon was spent distributing posters around the local community in businesses to gain interest. It was really nice to meet people who use the art centre, and have find memories of previous exhibitions, as well as interest in taking part in the future.
I am absorbing so much, whether it’s discussions from the artistic director about funding applications, or decisions between choosing facilitators for future projects, it’s really opening my eyes to the various task involved when working in participation.


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